Useful Home Improvement Tips

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A home generally reflects the personality of the residents. Interior designing plays an important role in deciding the form, texture and color that suits a particular home and the characteristics of the owners living there.

There are several useful tips that help home improvement. Look around you. What do you think requires attention? You may not have a designer or decorator and would like to improve on it yourself. Let us start with the entrance to your home. Does your home make a style statement? Do you live in an old rambling home or apartment? There are various styles ranging from Modern, Traditional, and Eclectic, Transitional etc. Choose the style you wish to adopt and hire a good interior designer with knowledge of building materials and styles and work in unison with him or her.

Choosing a theme is a useful home improvement tip. The sitting room generally is the area most frequented by your guests. Therefore, this area should be warm, inviting and care taken to maintain color co-ordination, which harmonizes with the surrounding rooms. Pay attention to the flooring. Decide whether you are going to carpet, tile the whole area, or have a combination of both. Color and design plays an important part here. Go along with the theme, be it Asian, Country, Rustic or Modern. Carpet the actual seating area and tile or board the rest of the floor. Wooden flooring has a charm of its own. Choose from a wide range of Parquet flooring.

Proper lighting plays a vital role in transforming the look of a home. Pay attention to this useful home improvement detailing. Create a bold visual impact with strategically placed concealed lighting or place lampshades in corners and alcoves to mellow the look to romantic or ethereal.

Lighting reflects your mood so plan the wiring detail carefully and make sure you have a few extra points to use as and when you decided to change the lighting moods.

Pay attention to the ceiling. It could be stark plain with a crown molding all around or a false ceiling created with concealed lighting. Chandeliers can hang from the centre if the room is huge enough in which case, make a design with false ceiling only along the sides and leave the central area clear for hanging lights. Staircases, inside the home, should look graceful and go along with the total look.

The benchmark of good designing reflects in the way the bathrooms and kitchen is done up. You can choose from numerous designs and materials from Home stores. Install modular kitchens and bathrooms after choosing the style, color, texture that suit you and the members of your family. Remember, your choice reflects the real you.

Last, but not least, secure your home to protect from burglary and theft. When building your home, use good quality materials and check for durability. Use these useful home improvement tips wisely when moving into your new home.

Purple Corn Health Benefits

Corn health benefits, especially the purple kind, astound many nutrition scientists today. They’re discovering the amazing health and healing potentials of this unique crop. Health buffs would likewise fall in love with this kingly blue corn that grows only in the mountains of Peru. And purple corn health benefits are only a preview of what this super grain can do to your body.

Why Did It Turn Purple?

Not just the grain but the cob and husks are purple as well. And such corn grows only in Peru. Other varieties only have the kernels colored purple, not the husks and cob. Thus, such corn types are low on Anthocyanin. And Anthocyanin is among its wonder contents that produce the astounding purple corn health benefits.

Some scientists say the harsh environs of the Peruvian Andes, which rises some 10,000 to 15,000 above sea level, forced this corn to fight for survival and increase its immune capacity through evolution. No one knows why it popped up there, but for some reasons it did. Some researches even aver that purple corn is the original corn created by God in Eden. The Andes climate necessitated the grain’s increased defenses against the sun’s UV rays, and thus its deep purple color all throughout.

Royalty Grain

It is said that commoners in ancient Peru were not allowed even to see or touch this crop, which added more to its mysterious nature. Only the king of the Incas and his immediate family were allowed to enjoy the nutritious grain. Worse, as time passed by, the crop was jealously concealed in top royalty secrecy so that for some time it was lost to mankind. Thank God that today it is easily within reach of everybody, great or small.

Purple Corn Health Benefits

The deep purple color means plenty of anthocyanin count. And anthocyanin is a very potent micro nutrient. In fact, nutrition experts say purple corn is itself anthocyanin–it does not just contain the nutrient; it is anthocyanin. Thus, with just a gulp of purple corn juice powerful health and healing benefits trigger in your body. Anthocyanin helps your overall body systems–circulatory, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, etc.

Of course, being an antioxidant, it strengthens your immune system, too, and feeds your cells with the nutrition and oxygen they need to make your immune defenses work better. Moreover, it protects your DNA cells from degenerative mutations that lead to deadly diseases.

Because it contains lutein, among well known purple corn health benefits is good collagen health. Now, collagen health does not only involve skin health. It is responsible for blood vessel health, particularly its vasodilation. Vasodilation is the ability of arteries to expand or enlarge to prevent constriction and clogging that may lead to a heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure. The arteries and blood vessels become flexible and healthy, preventing any arterial rupture or aneurysm.

Anthocyanin reportedly also helps quicken recovery from the deadly dengue fever by repairing damaged or “cracked” vessels to prevent internal bleeding, thus saving the blood platelets and halting its decrease. The tremendous amounts of Vitamins C and E in it meanwhile boost the immune system to get rid of the dengue virus. Hence, the reported shortened period of hospitalization of dengue patients once purple corn juice is administered along with traditional medical treatments.

Also among amazing purple corn health benefits are its reported anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-hypertension, anti-obesity, and anti-heart diseases properties. And why not? The anthocyanin content of this wonder Peruvian crop has the antioxidant power of 150 bio flavonoids, and we all know how powerful bio flavonoids are.

Other Micro Nutrient Contents

According to more researches, it also has terpenes (which is a type of Vitamin A), carotenoids (which are easily convertible in the body into needed vitamins), more bio flavonoids, lutein, sulphororanes (which protects DNA health), and polyphenols. All that spell purple corn health benefits not found in other crops.

And it is labelled as the Anthocyanin Champion because according to Anthocyanin Wiki, it is the richest in anthocyanin compared to other powerful fruits and natural food in the world.

It’s Not Medicine But a Treat You Can Enjoy

Aside from these health benefits, you can enjoy this unique corn as a beverage with all the goodness of its cob, husks, and kernels. Enjoy it as an iced tall drink or in small measured quantities taken daily before breakfast (30 minutes after your water therapy) if you want to make your liter bottle last a month.

More and more people discover not just these amazing health benefits but the rich, fruity and delicious flavor of the juice drink.

Last Minute Diwali Gifts

If you’re reading this in October and you still haven’t bought your Diwali gifts, there could be a couple of reasons for the delay. The first one is that you could possibly just be lazy like most of us and leave your festival season shopping till the last possible minute. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds because if you visit a shopping mall or even a gift store close to any festival, chances are you will have encountered masses crowds of people who all have the same idea. Our Hundreds of thousands of people flock to their local markets during the festive season every year and almost all of them are desperately in search of last minute gifts because they haven’t done their shopping in time once again.

With a festival like Diwali, this is even more common because unlike say a festival like Christmas, that is on the same date every year, Diwali dates change every year so it can be hard to keep track of how long you have to actually get your shopping done because it’s difficult to remember exactly what the date is for Diwali the year.

With the advent of online shopping however, most of these issues are now sorted out and it is much easier to do all your Diwali gift shopping online. It isn’t just consumers looking to buy Diwali gifts either, companies are looking for corporate Diwali gifts online too. Online Diwali gifts are the answer to all your problems with gifting, starting with great Diwali gifts. Online stores that are tailored towards gifting make the entire process of buying and sending gifts super simple and easy. To start with, most stores have gifts at almost every price point, so whether you are looking for something small and cheap or you want to splash out on a big ticket item, there is probably something that suits your budget. Online stores also have curated collections of gifts that have been carefully selected to appeal to a large number of diverse tastes, so no matter what your tastes are, you’re sure to find something that appeals to both your tastes and sensibilities, as well as those of whoever you’re looking for a gift for.

So ditch the supermarkets and malls when you’re doing your Diwali gift shipping this year and just head online. You’ll avoid the crowds, get a wider selection of gifts and you’ll save a lot of time and hassle to boot!

7 Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Video games can help kids develop a lot of good skills provided they play these games in moderation. Parents focus more on the dangers of these games. What they need to do is consider the possible benefits of playing them on smartphones, PC and other platforms. As a matter of fact, video games can make kids develop certain skills that can help them a lot in their lives. Given below are some of the benefits that kids can enjoy if they play games in moderation.

Problem-solving Skills

As far as the brain development of kids goes, video games play a great role. For instance, the game Legend of Zelda requires its players to plan, negotiate, search and use various approaches to go to the next levels. Aside from this, many latest games like Defenders of the Core and Bakugan trigger problem solving skills.

Interest in Culture and History

Some video games spur on kids to research and read. For instance, Age of Empires, Civilization and Age of Mythology may encourage a kid to take interest in ancient cultures, international relations, geography and world history. Often, these games let kids design or swap maps and different types of content. As a result, they acquire a variety of technical and creative skills. At the same time, they have lots of fun.

Make New Friends

Unlike parents, kids take videos games as a type of social activity. As a matter of fact, these activities allow kids to make new friends to hang out with. According to research studies, boys tend to play with a big group of their online friends.

Encourage Exercise

In a research study, boys learned new moves from video games, especially ones in the sports category. The beauty of it is that they were able to practice the moves on skateboards or in the basketball courts. Aside from this, some players adopted new sports when they played new video games.

The Sense of Competition

For boys, competition is a great thing, especially when they have fun at the same time. So, computer or smartphone games is a great way of triggering the sense of competition in kids. The great thing is that these games are a safer way of expressing their competitive urges.

Chance to Lead

When played in groups, kids take turns based on their skill levels. According to some experts, kids that play online games in groups tend to gain leadership skills like motivating and persuading others. As a matter of fact, multi-player games give boys a chance to take part in the affairs of a mixed-age team.

Opportunity to Teach

Kids help each other play a new game. As a result, they develop another important skill: teaching. Teaching is an art and not everyone is a good teacher. Another benefit of these games is that they help kids develop communication and social skills.

So, this was a brief description of the benefits of video games for kids. If your kid is interested in one, make sure you buy him that game. This will benefit him a lot.